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About Me

I am an uniquely qualified and talented individual, seeking to expand my skills in the area of museum and cultural education and inclusion using well-established historical analysis and organizational skills to deliver world-class museum experiences.  I have a particular interest in museum education for people with disabilities, with my primary focus on individuals with autism.

My Story

Growing up, museums were the vacation spot of choice.  Every year I would visit locales all across the Midwest, my parents taking me to museums where I would absorb information and experiences like a sponge.  I decided to transfer this passion into my career.

At Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis, I discovered my calling: an emerging area of museum practice I like to call "Museum Special Education."  This encompasses the work being done for access and inclusion, but also in exploring unique ways of learning that affect not only disabled visitors such as myself, but all visitors.

In this, I have had numerous speaking and working opportunities with museums in Indianapolis, but also top professionals in museum accessibility work across the nation.  I've been able to work with some of the biggest museums in the world, as well as smaller institutions.  For more information, feel free to look over my resume below.

Currently, I am working to expand my knowledge and skills through the Special Education PhD Program at Indiana University Bloomington.  However, I am continuing to keep abreast of the newest museum practices in accessibility, and doing my best to continue to be a force for change.  While I may have been able to meet many wonderful professionals in my time at IUPUI, it is safe to say this is only the beginning.

Click any of the links below, and come make a more inclusive future with me.

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