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Mission, Vision, and Values

Below you will find information on my personal mission, vision, and values.  These are some of the core ideals that drive me forward in all of my work, in both museums and in my personal life.


My mission is to help learners of all abilities and needs be able to connect to museum spaces, through field-defining work in the area of museum accessibility.



I will become a leader in the field of museum accessibility.  I will help guide museums to being more inclusive organizations, and to better serve their communities and work to give those whose voices are left out of the conversation the ability to advocate for themselves.



Below are my personal values.  These are the ideals that I believe in the most, and think will help guide me to becoming the best version of myself, as well as helping me to make the most change in the world.


People with disabilities have the same rights to enjoyable experiences as everyone else.  While there are some roadblocks to full accessibility, I strive to help institutions and the greater world understand that there has to be a start somewhere.


We are at our best when we work together, and at our worst when we imagine ourselves as islands.  I seek to help any organization I am a part of understand the needs of their community, and provide pathways to effectively gain their feedback.


We are all human.  We are all people.  And we are all important parts of our society.  Yet, many institutions, both museum and governmental, are leaving people and groups out of their planning.  I will help museums better understand why underrepresented and underserved populations must be included for museums to survive.


Our experiences have all molded us to who we are, and so has our collective experience as a demographic, as a community, and as a nation.  Each part of who we are has a shared memory. Honoring this collective memory, and giving those who may have been left out of the collective memory or harmed by it a chance to heal is an important part of how my museum practice is molded.


As someone who has had the privilege of going through graduate school, it is my responsibility to use what I have learned for the good of the world.  As someone who has a disability and a unique position to represent people with autism and the disabled community more broadly, I have a unique responsibility to use my privileges I have earned through graduate school to help those who have not been able to represent themselves make their voices heard.

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