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My Portfolio - In Summary

Completed Tasks

  • Manuscript Submission

  • Product Development

    • Grant application still pending​

  • In-Service/Consultation

  • Conference Presentation

  • Service

In-Progress Tasks

  • Course Preparation

  • Grant Application

    • Product development complete​

  • Article Reviews​

Tasks Not Yet Started

  • Research Proposal

    • Research proposal will ideally align with either the Park Autism Knowledge Synthesis Project and active investigation of supports in real environments, or on museums which I have contacts with.​

  • Research Investigation

    • Research Investigation will be completed after the submission/finishing of the proposal.  ​

  • Supervision

    • Connections to schools/supervision opportunities, ideally in the Indianapolis area, will be crucial.

Portfolio Task 1: Research Proposal

  • This task not yet complete

  • Estimated Completion: This task will be finished by the end of fall semester, 2022, and will be dependent on factors related to either the Park Autism Research Knowledge Synthesis Project's outcomes, and committee approval.


Portfolio Task 2: Research Investigation

  • This task not yet complete

  • Estimated Completion:  Completion is contingent on research proposal.  Ideally the investigation itself will be complete before the fall of 2023 begins.

First Webinar.png

Portfolio Task 3: Manuscript Submitted for Publication

  • I am about to be published in May of 2022 in The Journal of Museum Education, for "New Foundations: Principles for Disability-Inclusive Museum Practice."  The manuscript can be found in the link to the right.

Click above to download artifact

Portfolio Task 4: Course Preparation

  • This Task Not Yet Complete

  • Estimated Completion:  Completion depends on the results of potential instructor position within upcoming fall courses, and availability of courses to teach in the coming spring if necessary.

Cover Sheet.png

Portfolio Task 5: Supervision

  • This task not yet complete

  • Estimated Completion:  Ideally, this will be completed before the spring of 2024.


Portfolio Task 6: Product Development or Grant

  • IIDC Policy Brief: Accessibility and the Internet

  • Historic Site Access Decision Tree (in progress with the Eppley Institute)

  • Grants: In Progress

Click above to download artifact

Portfolio Task 7: In-Service/Consultation

  • Sensory Friendly Training at the Eiteljorg Museum

  • Workshop at LEAD 2022 (Upcoming)

  • Kennedy Center Neurodiversity Training

  • Second Sensory Friendly Training at the Eiteljorg Museum (Upcoming)

Portfolio Task 8: Conference Presentation

  • Informally Speaking: Collaborating for Excellence In Special Education Field Trips

  • Welcoming People with Autism: A Brief Summary of Best Practices and Emerging Strategies

  • We Matter: Art for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

  • Let's Talk Quiet: Developing and Implementing Quiet Spaces​​

  • Accessing History: The Intersection of Historic Preservation and Accessibility (LEAD 2022, Upcoming)

  • Self Advocates Perspectives and Roles for Sensory Friendly Program Development (LEAD 2022, Upcoming)

Portfolio Task 9: Article Reviews

  • One completed Fall 2021

  • Looking for article reviews in areas of expertise 

    • Autism​

    • IDD

    • Community Inclusion

    • Culture

    • Social Learning

Click above to download artifact

Portfolio Task 10: Service

  • Hukama board

  • GPSG Diversity Council

  • Art Reach stuff

  • Community advising with Children's Museum

  • More to come

Click above to download artifact

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