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Available Services

Accessibility Evaluation

I am more than happy to evaluate museums and cultural organizations for accessibility.  Be it a single exhibit or your whole property, we can help make your institution more inclusive together.

Advisory Membership

I am more than happy to provide my expertise and personal experiences as an advisor to your museum, be it on a formal accessibility board or as a consultant.


I have been involved in designing and implementing evaluation, and have taken masters-level course work on the subject.


I have developed training to help museum staff at all levels be more helpful for people with all disabilities, with special emphasis on my work for people with autism.  Contact me so I can customize this program to best suit your needs.

Literary Research

I have excellent literary review skills and a deep understanding of museum accessibility literature.  I am more than happy to provide them to help make your museum more accessible.

Program Design

I have designed several programs with accessibility in mind to reach underserved audiences.  Contact me with what you have in mind, and I will be happy to lend my expertise to your institution.


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